Wednesday, January 30, 2013

what is it about journeys that is so powerful,
that it makes songs and poetry come alive
with expectation, hope, dreams that resonate
and trigger a chord hidden somewhere deep?

i wish to travel on a road unbroken,
trampelled upon by memories and histories,
and i wish to read a book dog-eared
to the point of crumbling, underlined annoyingly
and scribbled upon with such urgency,
as though the writer's words created something
so power in the reader that it
simply had to be written down immediately.

the new and the shiny loses relevance for me
in the face of this history of use and
continuity of meanings and thoughts...

it's as though we're all travelling along
a messy web of human thoughts, ideas, energies...
crazy lines made with various crayon colours
across a page once new and shiny and blank
and now so gloriously dishevelled and alive.

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