Thursday, November 29, 2012

my fear is inertia -- that space
where everything freezes in slow motion.
for months, small waves of sound, light, fear,
have been heading towards me,
my body has been poised to respond.
in these moments which are months, i become
the eternal primordial battle between fight and flight.
i become that fleeting sense of panic,
that electric shock of alarm,
that explosion that protects from pain and death
and that without these is nothing.
i am the formless, nameless, unknowing need
for shelter and safety
and the total chaos of very many plans
and no idea what to do.

my fear is that this inertia will betray me.
i fear that by the time you're done
defeating the felboars and voidwalkers
the inertia will have carried me to
the edge of this land and across the border.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

the keeper of things

on the other hand there is
my own carelessness in giving away
things put together with
thoughtless delight,
things that seem meaningless until
they are seen and touched
and held and kept --
like you did, so carefully,
the tiny white styrofoam house --
my absent-minded dream of home and safety,
my thoughts of building shelter, brick by brick,
my hopes for me and you.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

(r.i.p. happy yellow pill)

those aberrations and oddnesses--
in deep dark recesses
they had waited for many years
until it was safe for them to return.
sometimes it takes a single moment,
a cataclysm, the hoot of a motorcycle horn or
a peaceful wave.
at other times, it is a slow resurgence of
squiggles, doodles and colour
from a world of straight lines and
very many boxes
(to that realm where boxes don't matter
and lines can just go fuck themselves).