Monday, September 17, 2012


I wrote to all these people
that I used to know.
people who hold pieces of me
that I cannot recover without them.
it's strange how sometimes
one isn't one
but many little pieces that
one has with a lack of foresight
given away.
anyway, I wrote to them and said
I miss them (and
I'm going insaaane and
blaaaaah and
blaaaaaaah) but
the truth if you ask me
is that I miss you
because you have all those pieces
and so many more
that I with a lack of foresight
handed to you on a plate
to watch as you kept them aside
on a table so littered with clutter
that I think it's all buried
and who knows when you'll even see
all these little pieces
and who knows if when you see them
you'll know who they belong to.