Monday, May 23, 2011

May 2011


She lay at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, the largest water body on the planet. Wave after wave crashed on her, and carried her away. It was not consciousness she drifted from, but monotony, the constant nagging awareness of the everyday. The warmth of the sun's rays washed over her naked body, carressing her with great tenderness, and, little by little, she was carried away.

Sometimes, when this happened, it was difficult for her to venture back into the world she'd fought so hard to gain some semblance of control of. It was difficult, because having gained this control, all she wanted, really, was to drift away from it - back into a realm where control was not an issue, not something she needed to possess. There was something in the flow of the ocean's waves, something in the lack of surety of being touched and tempted by the grand, unknown quantity of the largest ocean on planet Earth, that was addictive.


She didn't know how to let go of the pleasure it brought her to, so brutally primal. So infinitely out of control in a place where she had no reason, no ability, and was no longer a mass of thoughts and jumbled horrors, so much as she just was...

...a passing, fleeting notion, beautiful and complete in the transcience of her own existence.

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